About the project


The  exploratory study takes a business- and application-centric view. The “Extended Linked Data Life Cycle” that will be developed within the project will assess available technologies from an enterprise perspective and investigate their potential for commercial application. We will also probe shortcomings of technical standardization efforts which are suspected to hamper enterprise adoption. With this new model, the project will approach industry and business users directly in order to survey and describe technological challenges that need to be overcome in order to facilitate innovative products and services.


Key issues

We use the term “Enterprise Linked Data” to describe this emerging ecosystem of Linked Data technologies, novel approaches, and business opportunities. The project will cover several key issues with respect to Linked Data and Open Data:

Business value of Linked (Open) Data

Exploration of business cases and business model patterns for Open Data and how companies can create additional value from it.

Enterprise Linked Data

This focal area will investigate how value can be generated by integrating available Linked Data with non-open data that resides within enterprises.

State of Linked (Open) Data implementations in Austria

Comparative outline of the status quo with respect to other entities such as selected countries in the European Union that hold a leadership position in that area on the one hand, and global countries, cities and organizations with implementations on the other hand. This goal should lead to a “call to action” for the Austrian market and government.

Technologies used for Open Data

This part of the project will evaluate technologies and methodologies for Linked and Open Data implementations. The evaluation will lead to a matrix that outlines which technology has the highest benefit in a particular application context.

The exploratory project will synthesize the insights gained to lay the foundations for a subsequent joint research project.


Aligning business needs with the academic research agenda

In fact, one of the main outcomes of this project is pushing forward the alignment of business needs with the academic research agenda.

glyphicons-501-educationNonetheless, it is worth noting that the first foundations for Linked Data were first sketched less than a decade ago. Since then, significant foundational insights have been achieved in academic research, with semantic and Linked Data topics being at the core of top level, specific and cross-domain scientific forums. Likewise, Linked data is experiencing early adoption in the publishing processes for Open Data on the Web.

glyphicons-90-buildingIn contrast to that, enterprises are just discovering the potential of Linked Data technologies to unravel the complexity of the Big Data era in which data from an always increasing number of heterogeneous, internal and external sources becomes more relevant for their business, and volumes and rate of this data is constantly growing. While Linked Data is being recognized as a promising paradigm for inter and intra-enterprise data integration, needs and requirements most probably differ from the Open Data publishing use case. PROPEL is a first step towards a meeting point to consolidate and promote synergies, raising awareness at enterprises for already existing solutions present in scientific development, and pushing new unresolved problems and unanswered questions to the scientific community.

Besides, we hope our exploratory findings will inspire a new generation of data entrepreneurs, who can capitalize on Linked Data technologies to improve the viability and quality of their businesses.