Enterprise Linked Data

As has been shown in recent years, leveraging information will continue to fuel business success. But the growth in information volume, velocity, variety and complexity and the new information use cases makes information management infinitely more complex than it has been in the past. In addition to the new sources and the increased demand for multiple context delivery, share ability and reuse, practically all information assets must be available for delivery through varied, multiple and concurrent channels and mobile devices.

In a conventional setup, users access separate applications that each manage their own data. Users who must synergize multiple sources of data to resolve a problem are forced to consult each application separately and then undertake the sometimes tedious process of consolidating the results.

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At companies that deploy a Linked Data strategy, these internal data sources are interlinked and may even be consolidated with different or comparable external data: data repositories, user traces, social data, statistical data, etc., to create a truly unified information space.

To deal with these new demands, the IT organization needs to dramatically modernize its IT systems, transforming outdated data management infrastructure and replacing it with a more up-to-date and superior information environment able to support an entirely new set of requirements.

  • Break down walls between data and offer an information hub in which the data itself is urbanized rather than the applications. Each application draws on data from throughout the enterprise by operating through this information hub.
  • Create links between existing data, whether internal or external.
  • Reduce complexity by offering a unified methodology for data exchange between applications. Whether the data is internal or drawn from the Web, Linked Enterprise Data opens up a range of possibilities for consolidating the full range of information available.
  • Deliver new applications such as mobile apps: based on standard modern Web technologies, in this respect Linked Data allows to be reactive and even proactive to market demands.
  • Open, standardized, secure, long-term and effective technological environment defined by the W3C