The project team includes research institutions that have both strong technical (TU Wien) and business (WU Wien) backgrounds. To contribute a practitioner’s perspective and ensure an ideal balance of business and research perspectives, the project committee furthermore includes two companies. The first one, Semantic Web Company, has a long history and strong background in Linked Data, whereas the second company (IDC) is highly experienced in market analysis and contributes a large network of business and IT stakeholders.







Mag. Andreas Blumauer

Andreas Blumauer, MSc IT studied Computer Sciences and Business Administration at the University of Vienna. Since 2004, he is managing partner of the Semantic Web Company which is an internationally acknowledged provider of semantic technologies. Andreas is experienced with large-scale IT-projects in various industry sectors, and he is also responsible for the product management of PoolParty Semantic Suite. He has been a pioneer in the area of the semantic web since 2002; he is co-founder of SEMANTiCS conference series, co-editor and editor of one of the first comprehensive books in the area of the semantic web for the German speaking community, and he gave talks about linked data, knowledge management systems, social software and semantic technologies at numerous international events. Andreas has been a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Vienna and the Danube University Krems in the areas of Knowledge Management Systems and Semantic Technologies.

Dr. Javier Fenández

Dr. Javier Fenández has joined WU in January 2015 as a postdoctoral research fellow under an FWF (Austrian Science funds) Lise-Meitner grant. His expertise includes compression of Linked Data, and his current research focuses on efficient Linked Data access, archiving and processing. He was leading a W3C member submission on efficient, binary RDF interchange (HDT) and has published over 20 papers in the areas of Linked Data, RDF and its applications.

Martin Kaltenböck

Martin Kaltenböck studied communication, psychology and marketing at the University of Vienna. In 2000 he was co-founder of punkt. netServices – an Austrian company specialised on information- & knowledge management as well as on Enterprise 2.0 solutions. He is co-founder and managing partner of the Semantic Web Company and as CFO responsible for financial and organisational issues. Furthermore he leads and works in several national and international research, industry and projects in public administration – mainly in the areas of project management, requirements engineering and communication activities. He is tutor and publishes in the fields of semantic data- & information management, Linked (Open) Data as well as Open (Government) Data and social semantic web. He is lecturer at national and international conferences and business events in the mentioned topics. Martin is Certified Management Consultant since 2006, member of the Executive Board of the Austrian Chapter of the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN) as well as Member of the Advisory Council of the Open Knowledge (Foundation, UK) and invited expert of the governmental Cooperation OGD Austria. He is working as invited expert of W3C and is member of the Steering Board of the European Data Forum that he chaired in 2014.

Elmar Kiesling, PhD

Elmar Kiesling, PhD (Head of Linked Data Lab, Information and Software Engineering Group, Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems) joined TUW as a postdoctoral researcher in 2012 after completing his PhD at the Vienna University of Technology. He has contributed numerous scientific publications in a wide range of research areas including Linked Data, operations research and management science, decision analysis, agent-based simulation, innovation, and blended learning.

Dr. Sabrina Kirrane

Dr. Sabrina Kirrane joined the WU as a postdoctoral researcher in September 2015. Prior to taking up the position at WU she was a researcher at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics, Ireland. Her PhD focused on the problem of access control for the Web of Data. Before that she spent several years working in Industry on topics around data integration and security, such as system security requirements their and implementation in an application service provider environment. Dr. Kirrane is a guest editor for the Journal of Web Semantics special issue on Security, Privacy and Policy for the Semantic Web and Linked Data and a co-organiser of the PrivOn workshop series on Society, Privacy and the Semantic Web – Policy and Technology.

Julia Neuschmid

Julia Neuschmid joined IDC in 2015. As a senior research analyst, she is responsible for the analysis of trends and developments in the IT services market. She has several years of experience in applied research in the field of technology, which she leverages for her activities with IDC. As a researcher, Julia has worked on several Austrian and European research projects, some of which she has coordinated. These were focused on urban technologies and topics such as smart cities, mobility, active assisted living, and open data. She presents the results of the research on a regular basis at national and international conferences. Julia is PMP certified, and has a master’s degree in geography from the University of Vienna.

Mag. Nika Mizerski

Nika Mizerski studied International Business Administration and Slavonic Languages in Austria, Poland and the US. She started her career as a consultant at a Big Four company with a strong technological focus. That led Nika to a well-known regional CRM software vendor, where she accompanied a major rebranding process as Product Marketer. Her marketing talent in a professional context got awarded from the Executive Academy of the Vienna Business Administration University. Since 2012, you can follow Nikas marketing perspective

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Axel Polleres

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Axel Polleres joined WU in September 2013. Before he worked at TU Vienna, Univ. Innsbruck, Univ. Rey Juan Carlos (Spain), DERI/NUIG (Galway, Ireland), and Siemens AG. His research topics include ontologies, query and rule languages, Semantic Web, Web services, knowledge management, Linked Open Data and configuration technologies. He has more than 100 scientific publications and has actively contributed to international standardisation efforts in the W3C where he co- chaired the W3C SPARQL working group. He is also currently participating in W3C’s RSP community group, the RDF Data Shapes working group as well as representing WU in W3C’s advisory committee.

Reka Marta Sabou, PhD

Reka Marta Sabou, PhD (Christian Doppler Laboratory Software Engineering Integration for Flexible Automation Systems – CDL-Flex.) currently leads the Semantic Representation and Integration Research Area at CDL-Flex. Previously she was an Assistant Professor at the MODUL University Vienna and a Research Fellow at The Open University. She holds a PhD from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She won the IEEE Intelligent System’s Ten to Watch Award (2006) for her PhD work and the Linked Data Cup at i-Semantics 2012. Her major areas of research are Semantic Web, Linked Data, Human Computation. She has worked in European projects on semantic technologies including WonderWeb, KnowledgeWeb, NeOn (task lead), OpenKnowledge and SmartProducts (WP lead), ETIHQ as well as on FFG-funded national projects in the area of Linked Data (DIVINE – WP lead). Her work has been published in high-impact conferences (WWW, Int. Semantic Web Conferences), the J. of Web Semantics, and IEEE Intelligent Systems. She is a key member of the Semantic Web community where she acts as an organizer of major conferences (e.g., PC Chair for ESWC’15) as well as editorial board member for three core journals in this area (SWJ, IJSWIS, JoDS).

Thomas Thurner

Thomas Thurner (M) started his career at Schlumberger Industries’ R&D-Department as developing engineer for energy consumption meters. In parallel he began his studies at the University of Vienna for Communication Science that led him to the field of radio. Thomas started as an ‘early mover in Austrian free radios’ in the early 90ies and was thereafter one of the founding partners of Vienna’s first community radio. From 1997 to 2002 he was responsible for the fundraising department of this radio station. Beginning of 2002 Thomas and some colleagues launched the SpinOut-Company “Team Teichenberg” active in the fields of audio exchange, streaming, eLearning and podcasting. 2006 to 2008 he was in charge of a two years project on setting up an innovation hub on behalf of Telekom Austria. Since early 2008 Thomas is coordinating Semantic Web Company’s transfer activities as well as he works on public relations and communication campaigns. Thomas is also heavily engaged at Semantic Web Company’s Open-Data activities and consulting, where he is active in community building and consulting for a growing Linked Open Government Data (LOD) scene in Austria and above.

Professor Dr. A Min Tjoa

(Head of Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems) has been a full professor and director of the Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems at the Vienna University of Technology since 1994. He is the chairman of the Austrian National Competence Center for Security Research (“Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies Initiative” of the Austrian government). He was guest professor at the Universities of Zurich, Kyushu and Wroclaw (Poland) and at the Technical Universities of Prague and Lausanne (Switzerland). From 1999 to 2003, he was the president of the Austrian Computer Society. He is chairman of the IFIP Working Group on Enterprise Information Systems. He is member of the Board (Senate) of the Christian Doppler Foundation for the establishment of high-technology transfer labs in Austria. He is currently the Austrian National Coordinator and past-president of the ASEA-UNINET (ASEAN-European University Network). He is vice-chairperson of the DEXA Association (Database and Expert System Applications). Since 2008 he has been the Austrian delegate at the Committee of Science and Technology for Development (CSTD) of the United Nations (UNCTAD). He has served as chairman of several international conferences including the IEEE Int. Conf. on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS), European Software Engineering Conference (ESEC), ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering (FSE), the International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications (DEXA), International Conference on Electronic Commerce and Web Technologies (EC-Web). He was Honorary Chairman of the International Conference on Very Large Databases (VLDB 2007). Since 2012 he has been member of the Executive Committee and Honorary Secretary of the International Federation of Information Processing (IFIP). He is the Vice-President of Infoterm (International Information Center for Terminology). In 2011 he received the honorary doctoral degree (Dr. h. c.) from the Czech Technical University in Prague and the honorary professor degree of the University of Hue (Vietnam). He is currently member of the Council of Doctoral Studies in Mathematics, Informatics and Telecommunication (Conseil de l’ Ecole Doctorate Mathématique, Informatique et Telecommunications de Toulouse) which covers all universities in the Toulouse area. His current research focus areas are Business Intelligence, Semantic Web, IT-Security, Linked Open Data and Environmental Informatics. He has published more than 200 peer reviewed articles in journals and conferences.

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Peter Wetz

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Peter Wetz (Linked Data Lab, Information and Software Engineering Group, Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems) became enthusiastic about Linked Data technologies while working as a junior researcher on several research projects at the Know-Center and Graz University of Technology. In 2013 he joined TU Wien as a member of the Linked Data Lab and as an associate to the Doctoral College Environmental Informatics where he applies Linked Data technologies to Environmental Data streams as part of his Doctoral Thesis.